If you are an amateur or professional singer, songwriter, or musician and want to express your talent to the fullest with a musical production, MidisMusic offers you a unique opportunity to do it, we offer you musical arrangements for your compositions, supported for an excellent team of professional musicians entirely at your disposal, arrangers, composers and audio engineers that allow you to make your dream come true.


No matter where you live, our online work modality allows us to make professional-quality productions at a very low cost for you.


Send us the audio of your composition, and let us know what genre you want to incorporate in your creation, you can send us several songs references as an influence for your production.

Then, we take care of making the Music, the harmony, arrangements, working based on your tastes and influences previously discussed. Then we send you a Demo of your song Totally Free! … Yes you read correctly, Totally Free, you will only pay for it if the musical production satisfies 100% of your expectations.

Just after that is where the hiring of the service is made and the way you want your song to be produced is defined (live instruments, virtual instruments, choirs, raw or mixed and mastered audios), We send you the track and it can be played in order to under certain basic specifications, you record the voice from your own home.

Then you send us the voice and We’ll work editing to make it sound very professional.

After having the final feedback on how your song sounds, we give you full access to download the audios of your production.

Check for yourself the exceptional quality of our productions listening the work of those who have trusted in us.

Me he enamorado

Hermosa Mujer

Reinando Estas

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We have a wide catalog of unreleased songs of different genres that you can include in your musical production.

Let us help you showcase your talent by providing you with a professional-quality musical production